North Vancouver Public Employees Society – Meeting Notice May 2016



Note: All Local 389 Members are automatically members of the Society

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Immediately following the Membership Meeting of CUPE 389 AT 9:30 am

Mountainside Secondary School

(In the South Meeting Room)

3365 Mahon Avenue

North Vancouver, BC.


  • Directors Elections if a Quorum is achieved.

       Directors Elections:

     President                                               2 Year Term

     1st Vice President                               1 Year Term

     2nd Vice President                             1 Year Term

    Recording Secretary                          1 Year Term

    Secretary Treasurer                           1 Year Term

    (2) Members-At-Large                     1 Year Terms

We look forward to your support and hope to see you at the meeting.


General Membership Meeting – May 28, 2016


Saturday, May 28, 2016

AT 9:30 AM

Mountainside Secondary School

(In the South Meeting Room)

3365 Mahon Avenue

North Vancouver


  • Regular Business as per Article 10.3 of the Constitution and By-laws
  • ½ Hour meeting concept. Due to the lack of quorums to conduct the business of the local, a motion will be moved at the beginning of each meeting to amend the agenda moving all important business of the Local to the beginning of the meeting. Once all important business is dealt with, you will be given a chance to leave before unit reports are to be given.

5 Door Prizes of $10.00 will be given away!

Also, at every membership meeting you attend, you can enter your name for our draw at next year’s Annual General Meeting where three $389 prizes will be given away! The more meetings you attend, the better the odds are that you will win!

We look forward to your support and hope to see you at the meeting.


Camp Jubilee Opportunity for Members



Free Opportunity to send your child to Camp Jubilee Children’s Summer Camp for one week in July 2016.

For several years, Local 389 has been a member of the Camp Jubilee Children’s Summer Camp Society. The Camp was established in 1936 and is located north of Deep Cove on Indian Arm.

At a recent Local 389 membership meeting, it was agreed to sponsor three children to the camp this summer. One of the children will be selected by the Camp Jubilee Committee, and the other two will be selected from among our own membership.

The intent is to assist those members of Local 389 who are in a difficult financial situation and who otherwise could not afford to send a child to camp this year.

Applicants are to submit a brief letter explaining their situation and why we should consider their child. By submitting the following application form, you will be assured that this will be handled in a discreet manner, and that your name and the child’s name will be kept strictly confidential.

Camp Jubilee Camp Application

This form must be in the Union Office no later than 4:30 p.m. Friday June 17th, 2016.

email to


Rainbow Flag to Fly at City Hall

1st VP Kathy McMahon, RS Carol Nordby and Youth Workers from Cap College 1st VP Kathy McMahon and the Pride Flag CNV Pride Flag! CNV Library member Chris! Jane Watkins, Kathy McMahon and Leslie Mackenzie CNV Pride Flag


The City of North Vancouver raised the Rainbow Flag at City Hall for the duration of Pride Week from July 27th to August 2nd. Mayor Darrell Mussatto has taken this opportunity  to “[create] a welcome and supportive community for all citizens that is free from discrimination of any kind.” CUPE Local 389 invites all it’s members to celebrate the start of a great tradition and support the flag raising each year during Pride Week.

Your Union Dues at Work

 June’s Additional Deduction

As a member of CUPE Local 389, you are the controlling force behind our Union. You determine what the Local does, how it operates, what stands to take on issues and what goals the Local has for the future. Your monthly union dues help to:

                – Invest in the future

               – Create retirement security

               – Support fellow Union workers

               – Protect health and safety

               – Unite people for equality and justice

               – Take political action

In accordance with our Collective Agreements and as tradition for the past 50 years, CUPE Local 389 has deducted an additional $5.00 in dues from each member during the month of June. The Local uses these funds to encourage higher learning and support graduates with their post secondary education. For the last half century, we have awarded over ten $1,000 scholarships to applicants seeking further learning opportunities, in order to invest in our future generations. We encourage the recipients to keep the union après with their progress in achieving their goals and certifications and wish them the best of luck in their endeavors. This is an example of your union dues at work. We thank the Union members for their continued support!

Here are just a few of the organizations CUPE Local 389 has donated to in 2015…

CUPE Local 7000 – Locked out Rail workers

CUPE Legal Defense Fund

Norgate Community Elementary School

Lynnmour Elementary School

Queen May Community Elementary School

Lynn Valley Elementary School

Westview Elementary School

Ridgeway Elementary School

Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives

Mountainside Secondary School Garden *Pictures to be posted soon*

International Women’s Day

CUPE Metropolitan Vancouver District Council and CUPE Local 389 celebrated International Women’s Day at the Chief Joe Mathia Centre on March 6th, 2015. Thank you to all who attended and supported the women who live and work in our community. Special thanks to quest speaker Linda Walsoff, Women’s advocate and crisis intervention worker, as well as the Company B Jazz Band for their delightful accompaniment.