Special Meeting Notice for CUPE Local 389 School District No. 44 Members with clarification to the purpose of this meeting

Clarification to the Purpose of this meeting:

This meeting is a re-commitment into the K-12 Provincial Bargaining Process and President’s Council. The Union has budgeted this every year from our general funds since 2000 and it has no impact on our members. We apologize to the members who did not receive the Special Meeting Notice.

Special Meeting Notices do not require a week’s notice and can be called on at any time. We distributed this Special Meeting notice through Broadcast Fax and attempted to also do so through the H.R. Department at the Education Services Centre, but it fell through the cracks.

Due to time restrictions the meeting will be taking place tomorrow. If you have any questions or concerns please contact President Cindy McQueen at 778-628-9537.